Sathya Sai Service Organisation of Fiji

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Code of Conduct

Every member of the Organisation must undertake Spiritual Practices. (The discipline) as an integral part of his daily life and abide by the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Daily meditation and prayer.
  2. Devotional Singing/prayer with members of his family once a week.
  3. Participation in the Human Values Programmes by children of the family, conducted by the Organisation by every Sunday.
  4. Attendance at least once a month for Thursday devotional programmes conducted by the Organisation.
  5. Participation in Community Service and other programmes of the Organisation.
  6. Regular Study of Sai Literature.
  7. Speaking softly and lovingly with everyone with whom he comes into contact.
  8. Not to indulge in talking ill of others especially in their absence.
  9. Putting into practice the principle of "Ceiling on desires" and utilize any savings thereby generated for the service of the mankind.

The Ten Principles

  1. Treat at sacred the land in which you were born. Have patriotism to your Nation - but do not criticize other Nations or put others down. Not even your thoughts or dreams should you think of bringing grief to your country.
  2. Respect all Religions equally.
  3. Recognize the Brotherhood of Man and treat all as brothers. Love all.
  4. Keep your house and surroundings clean for this will promote hygiene and health and help you.
  5. Practice charity but do not encourage beggars by giving money. Provide them with food, clothing and shelter. Help them in other ways but do not encourage laziness.
  6. Never give a bribe or take a bribe - Do not yield to corruption.
  7. Curb envy and jealousy, expand your vision, and outlook; treat all equally, regardless of caste and creed.
  8. Do as much as possible by yourself though wealthy and having servants. Do service to Society in person.
  9. Have and cultivate Love for God and Fear of Sin. Abhor Sin.
  10. Never go against the law of the land. Follow these diligently in word and in spirit.